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Ghost Riding the Whip started in the Bay Area of California from my knowledge. The late Mac Dre was one of the pioneers of this genre. In the 2000s there was an explosion of Bay Area rap music that began to spread throughout the state. It focused more on rap culture than it did on the struggles of being an African American man like it did on the past. "Ghost Riding the Whip" was born... We decide to for a release designs specifically for the ghost riders. The capsule consists of a graphic T-shirts, all featuring slightly tailored ghost to better reflect the collection’s California edge. The capsule...

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This season I decide to stay true to my roots... I'm a car fanatic to the core, but nothing makes me happier than a Camaro! Recently a homie of mine thru social media @1indy500z28 contacted me about creating something super cool for all the 3rd Generation Camaro owners. As a Camaro owner myself I could not turn down the opportunity to share my creativity with some good people. So for the next couple days I researched a shit ton of 3rd Gen's. I have a very unique design process when I'm thinking of developing something new however, for this design I...

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NEW COLLABORATION WITH LSX MOTORSPORTS Every quarter we try to build a better relationship with some of the car cultures top social media owners. This November, we teamed up with LSX Motorsports from the Bay Area. Over the past year we've  had tremendous success with our previous collabs, and we are back at it with this new official LSX track jacket. The jacket come in 2 color ways: Black and white / Maroon and white. We decided to limit the Maroon and white and name it "THE BLOOD". We chose this name to represent how passionate we are about the LSX...

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